Superlove of the Month January 2020 – Rianne van Rompaey


346316446146069Channeling her beauty cover-page1icons like Debbie Harry and Kate Moss, Rianne van Rompaey, the redheaded Wageningen, Holland native, is what would happen if the works of Dr. Seuss, Roald Dahl, Tim Burton with a smidge of Robin Williams came to life and became a phenomenal quirky top fashion model.

There’s no going back to that
I’m so numb, cannot even react
Did not say it’s not ok
But we aren’t feeling the same way
I ain’t telling you a secret
I ain’t telling you goodbye

B3-EP824_COVER3_750V_20190730150927As an acting student, Rianne got her start in modeling as a high schooler when she was scouted by Amsterdam-based Paparazzi Model Management at the age of 19. The same year in 2014, Rianne was already walking in Nicolas Ghesquière’s debut collection for Louis Vuitton.

Craig-McDean-x-Grace-Coddington_3Ghesquière admired Rianne so much that he and the Vuitton team decided to tape an exclusive of Rianne. With the life changing and positive experience of doing her first show, Rianne was more determined than ever to put her creative energy into modeling which didn’t go unnoticed.

In that same year, d9f9f41bd913cda8001ce180684e5ad0Rianne walked for Prada, Miu Miu, scored some of her first editorials for Vogue Paris, WSJ, Interview Magazine and appeared alongside Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, and Anna Ewers for the 50th anniversary cover of Vogue Italia photographed by Steven Meisel.

In 2016 alone, Rianne had 5 Vogue covers! One for Vogue Netherlands, another for Vogue Italia, one for Vogue Germany, Vogue China, and Vogue Russia. But the most prestigious and exciting one of all would be her first Vogue Paris cover in November of 2017 photographed by Inez and Vinoodh.

It is the last thing on my mind
Still you would not let things unwind
Spinning tight around your head
Can’t you hear a word I said
I ain’t telling you a secret
I ain’t’ telling you goodbye

“It’s unbelievable – a dream come true.” Talking about her first cover for Vogue Paris:

tumblr_oy5eg66XNq1vstnjqo7_1280“It’s the magazine of all magazines. The quality is always very high, it’s very chic whilst also being very modern, and knows how to surprise you every time.”

As unforgettable as Rianne’s editorial and commercial work is, her work in fashion shows are probably her most prolific. According to Models.com, Rianne has appeared in 149 shows and has walked for everyone from Chanel, Valentino, Chloe, Saint Laurent, Versace, Fendi, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, among many others.

“Now that I can walk all four cities and get to work with such exciting people—photographers, stylists, designers—I just want to do and experience as much as I can.”

517772_3doc1Along with working 517772_3doc2with some of the most talented photographers in fashion like Juergen Teller , Patrick Demarchelier and Jamie Hawkeswort, Rianne was nominated Model of the Year in 2016, runner up for Model of the Year 2019 and according to Models.com is already considered a top 50 model in the industry.

When you call it is just not fair
It is the last thing you should share
If I can’t deal; I’ll let you know still
I wish you’d let it go
I ain’t telling you a secret
I ain’t telling you goodbye

In an era where more inclusive and unconventional representation of beauty are being celebrated and recognized as in juggernauts like Adut Akech and Ashley Graham, Rianne’s quasi New York City, Ramones, punk rock flare and preferred go to jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket, is probably the furthest thing you would consider when thinking of a top model today, especial in a world of Kylie Jenners and Kaia Gerbers.

Yet Rianne still stands out among designers and fans alike with a far smaller social media following and rarely being mentioned by mainstream outlets. Rianne has this Sissy Spacek, Lillian Gish, classical, mature look about herself. She can be Grunge, punk, quirky, and haute couture all at the same time.

“Describe yourself in five words: Weird, giggly and available.”

Doc_8_Cover_RianneOn the runway, she hasRianne-van-Rompaey-by-Harley-Weir-for-M-Le-Monde-September-2017-Covers-1-760x929 one of the most commanding struts you will ever see, but there’s times she has a more calmer walk. She has such a look of intensity and hyper-focus, it’s like everything is tuned out and she’s in perfect character. She really likes to show the emotion in her eyes like how she described Kate Moss and it’s really captivating.

Rianne-van-Rompaey-by-Harley-Weir-for-M-Le-Monde-September-2017-Covers-2-760x929Rianne also loves acting and the idea of transforming yourself. “Fashion allows you to transform and see yourself in a new light.” You can see how she applies her talent for acting in her modeling work, especially her fashion covers which in my opinion are the best in the industry.

I just love all the creative qualities that Rianne brings to modeling. She can be as goth, punk, classical, and high fashion as she wants. It’s hard to match her creativity and passion. She has all the colorfulness of a Dr. Seuss character and just as cool as a Tim Burton character like Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice.

I’m telling you for one last time
It is not just you; the problem is mine to hide
I waited as long as I could if you need it, sure
I would, that is fine

“Fall [talking about her favorite season]. It’s so melancholy. Every year, it reminds me that another year has gone by, and that it’ll never come back.”

SqiBSL7l_oWhen Rianne isn’t being a phenomenal model, she enjoys sleeping, eating Japanese food, dancing, and hanging with her friends and boyfriend. And when it comes to a personal mantra, Rianne asserts that motivating yourself and fearlessly following your dreams is key.

“You can do whatever you dream of. You just need to be determined and not be scared to go all the way. Get up, get out, motivate yourself and be inspired. What are you waiting for?”

Issue 44 - Spring / Summer 2016Outside of Karmen Pedaru, I don’t think there’s another model quite like Rianne with such intensity and passion. If this were the 70s punk era, Luna Bijl would probably be the Ramones while Rianne van Rompaey be closer to the Clash or the Damned. Rianne is such a special model for this generation and a tremendous creative force.

In a tumultuous month of January, one model from the Netherlands who’s just as quirky as Robin Williams, and as intense as your favorite hardcore punk band, proves there’s plenty of fight and heart left out there. A Superlove who’s totally fab and never drab, as cool and creative as she wants to be, Rianne van Rompaey!

Karmen Pedaru for Oui Fashion SS20 by Andreas Ortner

Whatever Karmen does, she does it beautifully. I’m so loving this campaign she has with Oui. The colors and outfits really bring out her infectious personality. I admire Karmen Pedaru so much. She’s a phenomenal model and I hope she has some amazing work this year. I really couldn’t picture 2020 without her ♡ Photography by Andreas Ortner.

Doutzen Kroes for Elle by Chris Colls

The Doutzen come back tour seems to be in full swing. She’s already done a few shows, lingerie work, a Vogue cover and then there’s this awesome upcoming editorial by Chris Colls for Elle US. I’m so glad women like Doutzen and Laetitia aren’t letting something like age deter them from doing what they want to do. They’re still very much in demand and let’s face it, no one’s knocking them off anytime soon lol.

Can’t wait for Tom Brady (Laetitia), Drew Brees (Doutzen), Patrick Mahomes (Luna Bijl), and Deshaun Watson (Rianne van Rompaey) to set the fashion world ablaze this year lol. Just so awesome ♡

Christophe, Laetitia Casta – Daisy

OH MY GOD!! Laetitia Casta is not of this world! She’s a phantasm from another reality, a herald of heaven. This video is probably one of the best music videos I’ve seen in some time. Laetitia’s dance number around the 1:10 and 2:05 mark will leave you utterly entranced. It’s literally one of the most feminine and beautiful things you could ever see. I swear her figure could put most 20 year olds to shame and her skin is flawless!

Her smile and laugh around the 1:50 mark could brighten anyone’s day. It’s like the joy can’t help but overcome you, and I couldn’t help but smile myself. I had no idea Laetitia was actually the one singing the duet along with Christophe on this. Her voice is so beautiful. You can see her singing Daisy live in this video. There’s also a single called A qui la faute where Laetitia is singing by herself.

It’s like Laetitia can do whatever she wants. She’s never followed anyone else’s rules but her own and I love that so much about her. She’s such an inspiration to me. I wish she was the world’s Marianne, not just for France (sniff, sniff). I love Laetitia Casta ♡

Edita Vilkeviciute For Love & Lemons Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear Campaign

I haven’t talked about Edita Vilkeviciute in forever lol. She has to be my favorite model from Lithuania. Her editorial work are among my favorites. She did another For Love & Lemons campaign last year around Christmas time, too and she looked incredible. She really looks the coolest in her western/cowboy attire and the Kodak Portra film frames was such a neat touch.

I hope Edita continues to work with For Love & Lemons. They have some breathtaking collabs!

Doutzen Kroes Models Hunkemöller’s Lingerie

I haven’t talked about Doutzen Kroes in forever lol. I kinda feel bad about that, but I’ll make up for it this year. Doutzen is now a brand ambassador for Hunkemoller, a swimwear and lingerie company based in the Netherlands. They even have a collection made after Doutzen called Doutzen’s Stories which is so awesome! I’m happy for Doutzen Kroes and I hope she has a big year.

Moa Aberg for Eberjey by Cameron Hammond

I love Cameron Hammond’s photography. There’s such a gentle nature with their work and the models look really at peace. I’m so happy they’re working with Moa Aberg again. I found out about her because of Cameron Hammond’s photography and I’ve a big fan ever since. Moa is so amazing and I hope this year turns out to be epic for her.

You can see the entire campaign at their site. Just so awesome ♡